It’s the question on everyone’s minds this April Fools’ Day: Did Matt James really shave his beard?

On Thursday, April 1, the former Bachelor lead took to his Instagram Story to reveal that he got rid of his facial hair after months of growing it out. As he put it, “It was time. [Peace hand emoji] beard.”

The timing of this announcement was suspect, as it coincided with April Fools’ Day. And though Matt may have seemed like he was just another fitness-obsessed Bachelor Nation star who also enjoys chopping wood in the forest, he actually has a sense of humor, albeit more unique than most.

Case in point, Matt made his own version of charcuterie boards for TikTok, which he referred to as “charchutary” boards. These snack platters consisted of pizza Lunchables, Oreos, pita chips, hummus, Teddy Grahams, Bagel Bites, Pizza Rolls, dino nuggets, Uncrustables, no raisins ever and, once, a giant cookie cake that said “Learn to kiss with your eyes closed” surrounded by snack cakes.