Jennifer Garner’s daughter Seraphina is a budding artist, and her specialty appears to be a rather unusual medium. 

The 48-year-old Yes Day star shared a portrait via Instagram on Wednesday, March 31 that the 12-year-old recently completed of Jennifer using an Etch A Sketch. Somehow, Sera managed to nail her mom’s likeness, despite using the vintage toy that is notoriously difficult to control. 

Jennifer captioned the adorable artwork, “Mom: A Portrait, by a tween (who is very ready for spring break.)”

We’re not generally ones to throw out praise of Etch A Sketch artwork all willy-nilly, but we must admit that this actually looks like the Alias alum, particularly the hair, facial features and glasses. When can we commission Sera’s next masterpiece? 

Plenty of fans appeared to agree that Sera has a gift. “Um, that’s a pretty darn good etch-a-sketch sketch,” one user commented, adding a smiley-face emoticon. 

Another follower wrote, “But how does that actually look like you!!” And a different individual posted, “That’s awesome on so many levels! Pretty sure it’s better than I could do with an etch-a-sketch and I’m a pro.”