Luke Bryan really caught a live one on his most recent fishing trip.

The country star proved he truly is “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” as his song goes, after he revealed that he accidentally hooked his own hand while trying to catch some fish on Tuesday, March 30. 

On his Instagram account, Luke, 44, shared a graphic video of a sharp fishing hook poking through his thumb, which was stained with a bit of blood. “Well, this is gonna leave a mark,” he can be heard saying in the close-up shot. Yet, he didn’t seem too phased by the injury. 

On his Instagram Story, the American Idol judge gave an update while he and his buddy drove off, presumably toward a medical center to get the metal hook removed. “My guitar tech, I invited Russ on a fishing trip and leave it to me, I ruined the fishing trip,” Luke shared. “But we’ll be back on the water in about 25 minutes.”