Lauren, who dated rapper Nipsey Hussle before his death in 2019, wanted to honor the two-year anniversary of his passing on March 31.

So, she and Fashion Nova are donating $50,000 to The Dreamers Youth Foundation, which was founded by Nipsey’s sister, Samantha Smith.

“As women, we have a duty to honor and support our sisters,” Lauren exclusively tells E! News. “I’m inspired by my sister Samantha, her healing spirit, her poise and her strength in the face of it all.”

The Game star, 36, says the gift to The Dreamers Youth Foundation “means so much to me” because she knows “how much good she is putting back into the world through mentorship and community empowerment.” 

Per the org’s site, “Our mission is to empower youth in marginalized communities to expand their creative minds through mentorship and education.”

Learn more about the movement here.