Ryan Fischer isn’t out of the woods just yet. Lady Gaga’s dog walker is giving a health update more than one month after he was shot in Hollywood, Calif., when two of the singer’s French bulldogs were stolen.  

On Monday, March 29, he revealed he was readmitted to the hospital after his lung collapsed. He wrote on Instagram that he went through surgery to “remove portions of my lung,” noting, “As I was being wheeled into surgery, I finally accepted my recovery had become anything but a straight line.” 

Ryan was shot on Feb. 24 and was left “bleeding out on a sidewalk,” as he put it. Gaga’s dogs, Koji and Gustav, were safely recovered two days later after she offered a $500,000 reward. At the time, the Grammy winner thanked Ryan: “You risked your life to fight for our family. You’re forever a hero.” 

On March 1, he broke his silence to say he was “still in recovery from a very close call with death.” Police have yet to arrest anyone in association with the crimes.