Moreover, Gary took issue with a number of Harry’s claims, including Harry’s assertion that a member of the royal family allegedly questioned how dark their son, Archie Harrison’s, skin color would be. Gary said, “He shouldn’t claim to be family-centric when he has hurt everyone who loves him. You don’t ask for anonymity and take a step back from public life to then throw your family and your grandmother under a bus on TV. Why would you do that? The royal family is not racist, it’s not sexist, it’s not ageist. They are a moral compass.”

Following the interview, Oprah said Harry asked her to clarify “it was not his grandmother nor his grandfather that were a part of those conversations” about Archie’s skin color. She added, “He did not tell me who were a part of those conversations. As you can see, I tried to get that answer on camera and off.”

Meghan also told Oprah that she did not intend to “be disparaging to anyone” when she discussed her conversation with Kate, but merely wanted to share her side of the story. She said that Kate “owned it, and she apologized,” but it wasn’t until months after the wedding.