E!: Talk to me about your collaboration with Jouer Cosmetics and what we can expect?

AZ: It’s a beautiful, beautiful blush duo, so basically it’s a blush on one end and then, super dewy glowy highlighter on the other. And I’m obsessed with it. I’m a very light makeup type of person. I generally keep my makeup light, and for me blush and highlighter is like my go to, especially because it kind of elevates me and makes me awake without a whole face of makeup.

What I love so much about this product is that “Be Loud” and “Be Strong” are the two shade names. And for me, my entire platform is about being loud and being strong and being informed about the world around you and being strong in your convictions and using your voice and speaking your truth.

For me, this entire collaboration, it’s kind of like blending the two worlds together of what I preach to my platform, which is being empowered and embracing your beauty, but also cultivating your mind, and embracing your intelligence. And that is why I’m obsessed with this product because it’s everything that I love and preach about.