Is Prince William the world’s sexiest bald man? The internet has doubts. 

This week, surgical group Longevita dubbed the Duke of Cambridge the sexiest bald man, after analyzing Google searches and finding that Prince William and the word “sexy” scored over 17 million returns. The British royal beat out stars like Jason Statham, Pitbull and Michael Jordan, according to The Sun, however, not everyone on the internet was convinced that he deserved this particular crown. In fact, many people were offended Stanley Tucci didn’t top the list.

Upon reading the survey results, one fan tweeted, “C’mon, people. I’m a straight guy, and even I was like, NOT WHILE STANLEY TUCCI IS ALIVE.”

Another added, “Nope, on several levels. Incorrect. Everyone knows it is in fact Stanley Tucci.”

A third wrote, “Look, regardless of your opinion of the royal family, I think we can ALL agree that this is Stanley Tucci erasure and it shall not stand.”