Couples Therapy

As part of Bucky’s court-mandated therapy, his therapist made the pair do some couples therapy exercises. That required the two of them facing each other, sitting as close together as possible, and staring into each other’s eyes. Sure, it wasn’t supposed to be a staring contest, but if you ask Sam, that’s all Bucky’s capable of doing. It also wasn’t supposed to be just a little bit romantic, but, well…it was. 

Then they had to share their feelings about each other, and it turned out they’re both feeling real sensitive about Steve’s legacy. Buck doesn’t want Steve to have been wrong about believing in either of them, and Sam just did what he thought was right by giving away the shield. 

These two buddies are still at the point where they’re planning to never speak to each other again as soon as they deal with whatever’s currently going on, but something tells us they’ll be real BFFs in no time.