Tiffany agreed and added, “Like Crystal said, we will not be silent anymore. This is not new, but it has intensified. We are fed up.”

Looking back, Tiffany also recalled not knowing English in the first grade and having to go to ESL for half of the school day. “I was called a variety of names, which I will not repeat,” she said of the bullying she endured, which included getting her glasses stomped on by a fellow student. She later went home and lied to her mom about how they broke.

That feeling, she said, is something that’s still raw today. “I feel it from patients, I feel it from eyes in the grocery store,” she said. “I work in a hospital, I’m trying to help people. And to be discriminated against while I’m trying to help others is really disheartening.”

During the Instagram Live, Melissa also recalled how her brother-in-law was racially slurred at while out at a grocery store in March 2020, the beginning of the pandemic. “It was ongoing without the year for me with personal friends in the restaurant industry that have had their restaurants vandalized,” Melissa shared, “have had employees get attacked for walking home at night.”

“It’s personal,” Melissa added. “It’s very upsetting when I hear these stories with people that I know and care about where these incidences are happening.”

The full discussion can be seen in the above Instagram post.

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