After his TV life on Wisteria Lane as Mike Delfino, James Denton sought out his own slice of American suburbia. 

In an interview on Thursday, March 25 with The Morning Show, the actor explained his decision to leave Hollywood following the hit ABC series Desperate Housewives, which he starred on from the premiere episode all the way until his murder in the final season. 

Behind the scenes, the father of two wanted a different life for his growing kids, so off to his wife Erin O’Brien’s native Minnesota they went. “We thought maybe we should get the kids out of L.A.,” he recalled. “It’s not a great place for kids. It’s tough. The schools are really expensive, so we decided as soon as Housewives ended, we’d come up here and let them grow up in a little more normal suburban American neighborhood.”

“It was a conscious decision,” he said, “to get them near family and out of L.A.”