Season five of The Masked Singer is already off to a wild start. 

Three singers have been unmasked so far, and each one has brought a completely different vibe to the table. First, there was Kermit the Frog, who was masquerading as the Snail. Kermit is both a prolific movie and TV star and a fictional frog puppet, so that reveal really threw us all for a loop. It was as if anything could happen this season, and maybe it still will. 

In week two, Caitlyn Jenner was found to be performing as the Phoenix. Caitlyn has simply been too famous for too long to be anything but herself, so it wasn’t hard to guess her identity. It was, however, wild to hear her sing a Kesha song about waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. 

In week three, we got our first round of repeat singers. Group A returned, the Russian Dolls revealed that they are actually at least three separate people, and the first Wildcard performer made an appearance, sending the Raccoon packing. The Raccoon turned out to be Danny Trejo, known to some as the man who makes both donuts and tacos, known to others as Machete.