Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is looking buff AF.

On Friday, March 26, Tom Holland took to his Instagram Story to share his recent muscle gains.

“I never post s–t like this but it’s our last day so f–k it,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself shirtless with his trainer. “Thank you @duffygaver for making everything about this job better. Love you pal.”

He ended the kind caption with, “Last session. No.72.”

Of course, fans went into a frenzy after seeing the snapshot. A stunned fan took to Twitter, writing, “Tom Holland is really just out there looking like that.” Added another, “I don’t like that he’s 24 and I’m 30, and I know I don’t need to tell on myself like this, but sometimes I am hit with a very strong urge to teach Tom Holland everything he knows.”

While little is known about the plot of the third Spider-Man, titled Spider-Man: No Way Home, there are rumors Spider-Man alum Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and/or Kirsten Dunst will make appearances.