Cinnamon Toast Crunch addressed the incident on Twitter by releasing a statement on March 23. It read, “While we are still investigating this matter, we can say with confidence that this did not occur at our facility. We are waiting for the consumer to send us the package to investigate further.”

The brand encouraged “Any consumers who notice their cereal box or bag has been tampered with, such as the clear tape that was found in this case” to contact them at 1-800-328-1144.

As the company and Jensen move forward with their investigations, his breakfast has been blowing up online. One user said, “this is the story I’m invested in today” and another said, “This cinnamon toast shrimp saga is giving me life right now.” 

It also inspired plenty of jokes among fans wanting to fish in troubled waters. When Bones actor John Francis Daley wrote, “This is wild,” another person responded, “Could be farm-raised actually.”

Another fan made a Forrest Gump reference by writing, “There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, Cinnamon Toast Crunch shrimp…” 

Actress Allie Mac Kay joked, “Cereal? More like seareal. Amirite? (But seriously, this is f–king gross).”