It’s been a tough few years for Wynonna Earp, both on screen and off. 

On screen, the titular heroine turned 27 and, thanks to a family curse, was forced to re-kill all of the outlaws originally killed by her ancestor Wyatt Earp. Off screen, the show was nearly canceled after season three due to financial problems, made it to season four, and then got actually canceled. The Earp curse is now technically broken and the show will end on SYFY in just a few weeks, but the fight continues, both on screen and off. 

Creator and showrunner Emily Andras has made it clear that she is trying to find a new home for Wynonna. Wynonna herself, Melanie Scrofano, is just trying not to take what she has for granted. 

“It’s hard knowing that you just never really have control over when you get to say goodbye to something,” she tells E! News. “That’s for every show—that’s just part of the gig—but I think this show is so special. I don’t think I’ll ever find [another] show that has this type of magic, both on screen and behind the screen.”