“For kids, holidays are key,” she mused of their trio. “It keeps kids excited, it gives us something to look forward to, especially with the fact that we’ve been in quarantine for a year now. So I’ve really leaned into these holidays. And I already do, but with the quarantine aspect of it, it’s like even more heightened. Because I want to make sure that they’re still creating memories even though we’re in the same house every single day.”

And should their crew need any necessary jarring, there’s a treasure trove of family fun to be witnessed on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube with their Boss Family Workouts, sprung from a need to keep it moving as the world ground to a halt. 

Though they’d built two successful careers, an entire brand, really, from dancing, “when quarantine happened, we were like, we’ve got to really make sure we’re working out,” she explained. “Because we’re just going to be sitting here and I’m going to be baking and cooking every single day, so we have to make sure we’re staying active.”