Emmanuel Acho is sharing his “favorite conversation from After the Final Rose that you never saw.”

The host of The Bachelor special took to Instagram on March 16 to detail a conversation between Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young that didn’t air. 

While talking to Michelle, Emmanuel could “sense the heartbreak over her loss of a former lover” in Matt James, who sent her home during the finale, as well as “the despair over her loss of a former friend in Rachael” after photos of the Georgia contestant attending an antebellum plantation themed fraternity formal in 2018 resurfaced online. 

“Now, Michelle had reached out to Rachael but had never heard back,” Emmanuel said, “and so Michelle was broken over that.” 

So although it wasn’t planned, Emmanuel asked the producers if they could bring Michelle and Rachael out to talk face to face and possibly reconcile. 

“I knew after talking to Matt we probably weren’t going to see reconciliation relationally between him and Rachael during the course of the episode,” he said. “So, what kind of reconciliation could we see? I said, ‘Well, look, Rachael you put out a public apology for the world, but there were women that you were friends with that haven’t heard from you and still feel broken because of that. So, if you’re willing, Michelle would love to talk to you.’ Rachael smiled and of course she obliged.”