Software to view basic information about a graphics renderer

Open GL Extension Viewer is a software package that allows users to view detailed information in regards to the 3D graphics accelerator that that they are operating. This can be a powerful tool in the event that an update needs to take place or during troubleshooting situations. It offers numerous additional tools as well as system summaries.

Basic Functions and Operations

Open GL Extension Viewer will immediately display all pertinent information. This can include the graphics renderer, the adapter RAM, the type of monitor used and the display resolution. It also offers data concerning the version of OpenGL being employed as well as the status of DirectX and Vulcan graphics bundles. If there is a more recent version available, there is the option to be taken directly to the download page. It is also possible to manually check for updates based off of the parameters of the operating system in question.

Other Accessories

A menu located on the left-hand side of the page provides additional choices such as submitting a report, finding new OpenGL drivers and accessing a help section. While primarily designed for personal computers, there is also a version of Open GL Extension Viewer available for mobile phones. This can be accessed via the left-hand menu as well.

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