Which, TBH was really the last time he’d done this whole courting thing, his only previous relationship being a seven-year romance with his high school sweetheart. “They were babies when they met, so Eric had no idea what it meant to date as an adult,” she shared in her book. “Basically, he was raised to go dutch.” His habit of splitting the bill on dates and never offering “to cover the bill or flights when I came in to visit him,” was irksome and left the singer worried he might be broke. (This, despite his $2.5 million four-year contract.) 

Eventually, she sat him down to see if he’d be open to a bit of constructive criticism. “He was just clueless,” she explained, a problem easily rectified when she told him to step it up. 

By the time they celebrated their first anniversary, he was stepping down—to one knee, that is—offering a round-cut diamond and a promise to be the perfect person she’d always been seeking. “He is my soul mate,” she gushed after his proposal in Las Vegas, where they were attending the ACM Awards. “We feel so fortunate to have found each other.”