Tina Knowles is a proud mama!

On Tuesday, March 16, Beyoncé’s mother took to Instagram to give even more background on her daughter’s acceptance speech at the 2021 Grammys. 

As fans may recall, Queen Bey made history at the ceremony on March 14, becoming the first female artist to win 28 awards. 

Tina began her tribute post by making one correction to Bey’s speech. While the singer said she’s been working since she was 9 years old, Tina remembers her daughter working at the age of 7.  

“So much, Blood ,sweat and tears, intense training , vocal lessons , dance lessons, running and singing with your dad, every morning , missed parties and proms , hardly any playing outside,” she wrote. “Total dedication and tremendous 100 Percent focus . So many sacrifices . I have to say you don’t have a career like this with out huge sacrifices and pure dedication .. And tremendous giving back, and paying it forward at the same time. Well deserved baby !!”