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Not everyone takes advantage of the “switch” aspect of the Nintendo Switch, and for them, the smaller, easier-to-carry Switch Lite is a worthwhile alternative. A few retailers are now tossing in a free $20 gift card when you purchase Nintendo’s more compact handheld.

Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop are all offering the deal, and all Switch Lite colors are eligible. So regardless of whether you prefer gray, yellow, blue, or coral, you’ll end up with an extra $20 to spend at the retailer you’re buying it from.

By going with the Lite model, you lose the ability to dock the Switch to a TV, and features like HD rumble are also omitted from the smaller hardware. But at least you get a better d-pad and sturdier design in exchange. And the downsized screen is the same resolution, so some people think it actually looks better thanks to the improved pixel density.

With the extra $20, you can grab yourself a game on sale (or put it towards a must-buy like Super Mario 3D World), a screen protector, or maybe a carrying case. The Switch Lite isn’t as hard to come by as the regular Switch, which continues to face supply shortages, but it’s still proven to be a hit with many Nintendo fans as their main or secondary console.