So, what was it like working with the one and only Beyoncé? “She had very, very specific notes of what she was trying to accomplish,” Caso described, “because obviously she’s perfection, so she’s super detailed.”

As for the song itself, the music conjured up images of a royal procession early on in the process. Kaydence remembered, “Caso actually said, ‘Hey, this sounds like a parade.'”

Chimed in Caso, “‘Can’t you see her just like on some elephant or something ridiculously fabulous with all her jewels and everything?’ and it just kind of started like that…She was so specific about wanting to make the album celebratory and so honest to her roots and empowering and just like, ‘We are all royalty.'”

While they were working on several different ideas at the time, “This one was just so majestic,” Caso said, “we had to flush it out and see what it would become.”

Ultimately, it was “the most enjoyable experience” for the pair, made even sweeter by the Grammy recognition—which they found out about over text while waiting at Starbucks. “I was literally kicking the dashboard because I was so excited,” Caso described, “and we told the barista at the drive-through window.”