In total, Mia raised 14 children, nine of them adopted. Their names, eldest to youngest: Matthew, Sascha, Soon-Yi, Lark, Fletcher, Summer, Moses, Tam, Dylan, Ronan, Thaddeus, Frankie-Minh, Isaiah and Kaeli-Shea.

Mia adopted Thaddeus, Frankie-Minh, Isaiah and Kaeli-Shea after the 1993 custody trial.

Tam and Lark died after battling health issues in 2000 and 2008 respectively, while Thaddeus, named after the judge who presided over the custody battle, took his life in 2016. 

Mia and Woody’s adopted son, Moses, later said in a blog entry written in May 2018 that Tam, who was only 19, actually died of a drug overdose and Lark, 35, had succumbed to an AIDS-related illness, compounded by addiction struggles. The Farrow family denies these allegations.

Ronan is now a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, who has written extensively about the #MeToo movement for The New Yorker. Last year he got engaged to Pod Save America host Jon Lovett.