Aaron Paul’s home has the best hangout spot in Los Angeles.

During the Thursday, March 11 episode with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Breaking Bad star detailed the inside of his new Southern California home that has an incredible feature for quarantine amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, we’re slowing turning the place into a farm, but the main takeaway is we’ve got a nice little speakeasy,” he explained. “So, I think if you’re going to drink, now is the time.”

The star continued to explain, “This house was built during prohibition. It’s one of the first homes in all of Los Feliz, Hillside. The people who built it obviously love to drink and they built a speakeasy. The speakeasy, you have to remove the wall—this is literally the last thing they showed me when we were touring the house.”

To get to the secret hideout, the BoJack Horseman actor described, “You lift up a rug, pull out the wall, there’s a floor to ceiling safe. You open up the safe then behind the safe there’s two metal doors that you open up and there’s kind of some shelving for some booze. But then there’s a secret level on the floor that you press and then you pull up the floor and there’s a hidden staircase that goes into a big speakeasy.”