Well, we’re booking a haircut ASAP. 

Thanks to Emma Watson, you might suddenly be getting the itch to chop off your hair. The Harry Potter alum, who has been keeping a low profile as of late, was spotted by photographers on Wednesday, March 10 while out in Beverly Hills with boyfriend Leo Robinton. The couple ordered some lunch at Ferrarini Cafe before they headed into a nearby tailor’s office. 

While fans always look forward to an Emma Watson sighting, this one was particularly special as the 30-year-old actress appears to have drastically changed her hair. In 2019, she was sporting darker locks and in the few 2020 sightings that followed, Watson’s hair remained on the longer side. When she was more recently seen in November 2020, the star was rocking a knit hat, which concealed any possible changes to her mane. 

But now, her bob has very visibly taken center stage in the latest snaps, skimming just above her shoulders.