Paris Hilton may reap many of the benefits that comes with being a household name, but that much attention can come with scary consequences, the mogul explained to Sean Evans on his YouTube series Hot Ones.

The entrepreneur, who recently released the behind-the-fame documentary This Is Paris which detailed the traumas she endured while attending a school for “troubled teens,” spoke on Hot Ones—while taste testing a variety of spicy hot sauces, naturallyabout how, at the height of her fame, paparazzi and fans became an “intrusive” part of her life. 

“I remember one time I came home and there were paparazzi there, and they were like, ‘By the way, some guy was like, looking through your trash, taking everything with him, and he’s been doing this a couple of times.’ And it was just creepy that someone was doing that,” she said.

However, an even more disturbing moment came when a fan made it into her house.

“My housekeeper at the time [let him in because she] didn’t know, because this guy said he was my friend,” Paris explained. “He was just sitting in my kitchen waiting for me, which was really scary.”