“If you save one life, you’re a hero. If you save 100 lives, you’re a nurse.” 

While any and all hospital and health care workers deserve our gratitude and praise during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no denying the impact a certain group of caregivers can leave on patients. Yes, we’re talking about nurses.

For the past 12 months, nurses around the world have risked their lives caring for COVID-19 patients. One brave individual who deserves a round of applause is traveling ER nurse Ana Wilkinson who worked in New York City during the state’s unforgettable surge in cases. 

“This year is the year of the nurses because of recent circumstances that have brought the profession out into the light. Nursing is one of the oldest professions and at its core is extending a human touch to those in need,” she shared with E! News. “Nurses are not the heroes with shiny shields or badges, but rather the ones who hold your hand in the darkest hour and tell you that they are here for you and that they will do everything they humanly can to help.”


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