Rachel Bison is giving fans the flashback they absolutely need.

For Woman Crush Wednesday, the Hart of Dixie star took to social media to share a photo of a pink unicorn toy with a glittery turquoise mane and tail.

Fans of The O.C. recognized the adorable toy as Princess Sparkle, which was one of Summer Roberts’ (Rachel’s character in the show) toys in the show.

Princess Sparkle made appearances, and was a pretty vital character, for three out of the show’s four seasons; definitely enough time to build a solid fan base.

Even the series’ director Josh Schwartz noticed the blast from the past and asked the important question: “Where’s the Captain??” To which Rachel replied, “Waiting for you to get him out of storage.”

For those not in the cult fandom, Captain Oats was a toy horse (not unicorn) of Summer’s boyfriend Seth Cohen, portrayed by Adam Brody (aka her real-life boyfriend at the time). The Captain was also a staple of the show since the toy was considered Seth’s first “true friend.”