It’s Bad – Cydney Contreras

I truly don’t know what I expected when I began watching Behind Her Eyes, but I can tell you I certainly didn’t anticipate that astral projection would be the big plot twist. 

When I settled down on my couch to binge-watch the thriller, I hoped for a series along the lines of Harlan Coben’s Safe, Derek Simonds’ The Sinner or any other show that’s popped up on my Suggestions For You page—Netflix has never done me wrong in the procedurals department. 

So, when Behind Her Eyes appeared in the queue, it seemed like my next great binge. It appeared to have all the elements my past favorites had, in the sense that there is a major act of deception, a splash of romance and a dark secret that’s begging to be revealed.

And in the beginning, I got all of that. 

Louise was this charming single mom that seemed to be deserving of a passionate love affair, albeit with her psychiatrist boss, David, who’s an equally enticing character, but for totally different reasons. He was mysterious, handsome and tortured enough that I was willing to overlook the fact that he was cheating on his wife, Adele.


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