So this is a weird one: depending on the browser you’re using, your space bar may not work in the search bar. Pressing it makes absolutely nothing happen, so your YouTube searches end up being one long string of words.

This bug appears to show up on the desktop site when you’re using a browser that isn’t based on Chrome. Firefox wouldn’t take spaces in Windows, macOS, or even Android if you request the desktop version of the website. It seems to work with Safari on iPhones, but it doesn’t work on Safari on iPad — probably because iPads request the desktop site, too. Asking for the mobile version immediately fixed it there, and requesting the desktop site on an iPhone immediately broke spaces.

The good news is that the lack of spaces probably won’t make your YouTube experience any different — it’s very good at understanding your intent even on long, relatively obscure searches with a bunch of words smashed together.

Bravo, YouTube search algorithm.

The bad news is there’s another, way more annoying bug: if you’re trying to watch a video and type in the search bar at the same time, your keystrokes may end up acting as shortcuts. Pressing the space bar won’t do anything in the search bar, but it will pause your video. Your “T” might show up in the search bar, but it also switched my video into theater mode. (Help!)

Typing in the search bar can make many awful things happen on your screen.

YouTube did not immediately respond to a request for comment — hopefully because it’s busy working on a fix. For the moment, Google’s own Chrome browser (and YouTube app) are there if you need a YouTube fix.


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