If you opened your phone this morning to see a Twitter app update, you might have been excited — and then confused — to see an advertisement for Twitter Spaces, the audio chat rooms that the social network recently launched to compete with the similar Clubhouse app. “Introducing Spaces,” the iOS update says, promising that “Now you can Tweet and Talk.”

But while you won’t actually find the ability to create a new Space unless you’re one of a select few, the company now says it’s planning to launch Spaces to everyone next month.

The iOS update note.Screenshot by The Verge

Amusingly, we overheard the news in a Twitter Space itself, hosted by the company. Twitter’s plans aren’t set in stone, but the gist is that they’re trying to get the product into a state where anyone can host a Twitter Space starting in April. April is the goal. In the meanwhile, users on both iOS and Android can both join and talk in existing Spaces.

Twitter Spaces are just one of an array of new features the typically feature-resistant company has announced in the past few months, and we’ve got a wide-ranging interview with Twitter product head Kayvon Beykpour where he discusses the whole set, including the company’s Snap and Instagram-like disappearing Twitter Fleets, and Super Follows where you can pay to subscribe to extra Twitter content from your favorite creators — a business which reminds us of platforms like Substack and OnlyFans.