Of course John Legere, the former CEO of T-Mobile, has jumped into NFTs by spending $888,888.88 on one made by Steve Aoki, according to Rolling Stone. It’s nice to know he’s keeping busy after stepping down from T-Mobile’s CEO gig on April 1, 2020.

The NFT in question is called “hairy.” It’s a 36 second-long video, featuring music — which Rolling Stone describes as “soundscapes in harmony with digital animations” and I would describe as “if Darude were making music from inside a Game Boy” — and this visual:

A portion of the Hairy NFT. GIF: Steve Aoki

Not only is Legere’s ownership of the video permanently embedded in the blockchain, but he’ll also get a screen in some acrylic that will display the NFT, as long as he doesn’t sell it in the next two weeks.

This display screen is also included in the package.Image: Steve Aoki

Aoki is probably best known for his music career. The NFT is the latest in a series of Aoki’s eclectic projects, which include a branded Street Fighter II arcade cabinet, and several Samsung commercials. According to Rolling Stone, his collection of NFTs with Antonio Tudisco visuals brought in $4.25 million, with Legere’s purchase as the biggest of the lot.

In a way it was meant to be: Aoki’s father founded the Benihana company of restaurants. There is a Benihana in the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena. Kismet, you know?