Microsoft is updating its store for Xbox and Xbox Game Pass to include language support, the company announced today. The Languages label is meant to make it “easier to decide if you’d like to purchase or play that title” by including information on the game’s interface, audio, and subtitles.

Whatever language console owners have set as their default will display first. The feature applies to 27 languages and displays how localization has been applied to various parts of the game, such as controls, subtitles, or spoken dialogue. “We’ve already added language tags to hundreds of games and will add more over time,” the announcement reads.

Fans have previously criticized Microsoft’s handling of localization, specifically outside of the US. As reported by Windows Central, players in territories like South Korea have documented which games support Korean languages. Platforms like Nintendo and Steam already support language guides.

Microsoft will continue to add updates later this year to “make it even easier for you to find and play games that are right for you.” The company did not specify what those changes would look like.