In addition to creating a line of handcrafted handbags with her mom called My Muxo, Camila’s entrepreneurial spirit moved her to create Women of Today, a digital platform focusing on health, wellness, style and community.

“The inspiration was to help the skills community. It is all about learning from each other, and how can we create a community that we are promoting and learning from each other and how to do better for you and how to do better for the ones you love in your community,” the mom of three explained to E!. “It’s very cool and just different things that we’re doing, from everything that is out there with Women of Today, we’re not talking to you, we are talking with you.”

Besides empowering women everywhere andĀ collaborating with Amazon, Camila has kept busy raising a beautiful family and, like so many, helping her kids with virtual school.

“It’s a really crazy time for everybody in my household, I have three kids aged eight to 12,” Camila told us. “I have my mother in law who is 89. My husband and I work. We don’t have much of a helping hand at all. So it’s been a lot of challenge. We’ve been watching a lot of Survivor. Survivor is like this show at the end of the night.”

For our favorite Camila-approved Amazon Handmade picks, scroll below!Ā 


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