What Scobie found “interesting” about the interview, however, is that Archie’s mom and dad didn’t tell Oprah about Meghan’s mental health until they sat down for the tell-all. He explains, “Even to Oprah some of the things that were shared last night were a surprise.”

“And I think that there will be many people in their lives that will be discovering these things for the first time in this interview,” he says. “And I imagine that’s going to bring their circle closer together than it’s ever been.”

Relations between Prince Harry and his dad, Prince Charles, seem more strained than ever. In the interview, the 36-year-old Englishman shared that his father stopped taking his calls when he broached the subject of him and Meghan stepping down as senior members of the royal family. 

The royal reporter says this took him by surprise since Clarence House, Charles’ official office, gave the press information that was “opposite” to what Harry said. 


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