Last week, seashells. This week, pigs. 

The Masked Singer is continuing to get creative with its season five costumes, though this new one is actually relatively normal compared to most. A young pig with a propeller hat and plaid lederhosen? Practically ordinary! It’s actually astonishing that it’s taken this long for a pig to make an appearance. 

E! News can exclusively reveal your first look at The Piglet, one of the 10 main competitors on the upcoming season of The Masked Singer. The Piglet will join Chameleon, Phoenix, Black Swan and Grandpa Monster in Group B, making their debut on Wednesday, March 17. 

Group A, which includes Russian Dolls, Seashell, Raccoon, Snail and Porcupine, will compete in the season premiere on March 10. 

Before any of that—and before each week’s episode—fans have the chance to win some cash based on how well they know this show, and how well they can predict what might happen. 


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