Kelli admitted she had many “conflicting” thoughts in her head at the time, writing, “This is wrong. Why did they hire me. I should say something. What would I say? What would happen? If I hold up this production how much money goes down the drain. What will be my repercussions?” 

But in past experience as an extra, she would normally “shut up, keep to myself, and do as I’m told when I’m told.” She added, “Extras are like bottom of the barrel in the entertainment food chain so I feel like I normally move through sets as such. Like I’m not s–t.”

That’s part of the reason why, as she put it, “I was selfish and more concerned with the repercussions of my own career instead of doing what’s right and not participating in something that I KNEW was wrong.” 

Kelli continued by admitting she was “terrified” to speak out but felt “awful” because she knew it was “wrong.”

“I didn’t want to cosplay the experience for a moment longer than I had to which is dumb because I still did it for the job. I felt like a fraud and imposter which I was,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’d have much rather I never stepped foot on set to be put in that position in the first place if the casting team had worked a little harder to find a darker actress that still matched the features of the actress as they claimed I did.”


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