The former Disney Channel star adds, “If I can break that facade for Hollywood—sorry, Hollywood—someone’s gotta do it because we’re presenting unrealistic expectations to people by only presenting our best selves at all times.”

Now, Demi says she doesn’t try to present a certain image of herself, nor does she try to fit a mold. Instead, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer says she’s dedicated to being “the person that I most identify with in my life today.”

“I’ve tried on many identities over the years—the sexy feminine pop star that I felt like people wanted me to be or the poster child for recovery—and now I’m embracing the fact that my lack of commitment to any one identity isn’t a lack of commitment,” she explains, “it’s just an openness to continue to evolve.”

To hear more of her conversation with Diane, check out the podcast Yeah No, I’m Not Okay!


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