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For information about the CD “Trax 2 Relax 2” by Greg Goris   click here.

Gippsland Music.com 
is the website covering the vast and varied musical journeys of 
Greg Goris, since moving back to Gippsland in 2001.

Past:  25 years of professional live performance and recording studio work primarily in Melbourne, but throughout Australia.   Album CD “Trax 2 Relax 2“, Single CD “My Land, Your Land, Our Land, Gippsland“.
Present:  Professional live performances as a solo artist for functions, weddings, restaurants, parties and special occasions.   Jingle writing and recording.   A song for the Gippsland Lakes called “Something Special ’bout the Gippsland Lakes” 
The Gippsland Album (in process now and scheduled for release around September 2003) featuring lyrics from students from Gippsland schools, lyrics by others residing in Gippsland, and music and recording by Greg Goris.     A second instrumental album called “Trax 2 Relax 2- take 2” is due for release this year.  Also, an album of original songs hopefully later this year.


Move the current recording studio located in Lakes Entrance into a large motor-home and travel around Australia to record music inspired by journey and locations.  


e-mail me Trax 2 Relax 2 instrumental CD Need a corporate song or CD?
Need a jingle?   Planning to advertise your business on radio or television?
email Greg at gippslandmusic@bigpond.com

Welcome to

Gippsland Music.com

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