Supergirl‘s final season is coming sooner than you might have thought. 

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is officially making her return in just a few weeks on March 30, taking over for her cousin, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), while he goes on a bit of a break (due to a COVID-19-related production delay). Supergirl will take over Superman & Lois‘ Tuesday time slot for the first half of its final run, with the Kent family returning on Tuesday, May 18. Supergirl will return for the second half of the season—and the series finale—later in the summer. 

Both shows air at 9 p.m. ET/PT, right after episodes of The Flash, making for some seriously super Tuesdays. 

Like most shows in 2020, season five of Supergirl was cut a few episodes short due to the coronavirus pandemic, and had to turn a non-finale into a finale with a big showdown against the crime organization Leviathan. While Alex (Chyler Leigh) debuted her new vigilante identity, Kara and Lena (Katie McGrath) finally reconciled after a whole lot of sharing and apologizing, and now they’re united in taking down Lena’s evil family in season six. 

In real life, Benoist gave birth to her first child, a boy, with husband and sometimes co-star Chris Wood back in September.