Keys and Synths

Keyboards and synthesizers (hardware and software)

The Keyboard Corner (156 viewing)

Synths, pianos, software, analog, digital, modeling, virtual instruments, programming tips…this is the place on the web for discussions, debates, opinions and assistance…and the occasional sports thread…

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by GeorgeRaindog


Studio and live recording

Dr. Mike’s Studio Workshop

The Doctor is in: Dr. Mike Metlay (former Editor In Chief of RECORDING) hosts discussions on making and recording music in small studios. This is the place to share tips and tricks, look at new gear, and ask questions about microphones, monitoring, studio acoustics, signal processing, and more – as well as ALL things relating to computers in the studio.

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Mike Rivers

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by Mike Rivers

The George Massenburg Professional Recording Forum (6 viewing)

Discuss recording techniques and equipment design and usage. Founded by Moderator Emeritus George Massenburg.

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Dave Bryce

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by Dave Bryce

NEW! The Podcasting Channel

The place for those Interested in podcasting or wanting to check out the latest from MPN’s own podcasts. No previous experience necessary.

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by nursers

Songwriting and Composition (1 viewing)

Here’s the place to find out how to get out of creative ruts, analyze what makes a great song, discover inspirations for writing, and maybe even meet an online collaborator.

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Bill Heins

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by Bill Heins

Virtual Music – Online Collaboration (1 viewing)

Virtual worlds are another performance and composition option. If you are interested in music in places like Second Life or want to find someone else online to collaborate with, you’ve found the right place

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by midinut

The Big Picture (2 viewing)

Iconic images, album artwork, music video, social media or marketing – photography is to the eyes, what music is to the ears. We discuss all things photography and video, with an emphasis on the creative process and deliver a healthy dose of the tools and toys at the heart of our art.

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by KenElevenShadows

MPN Archives
Roger Nichols’ Digital Recording Forum (1 viewing)

Roger has left the building. EQ would like to thank him for years of service and inspiration.

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by popstar

Al Kooper’s Guide to the Music Biz

Producer/Artist/Musician/Songwriter/EQ Columnist/A&R man/Professor Al Kooper answers anything & everything about the ins & outs of the music business. This is an archive that is read-only of all of Al’s past discussions.

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by blas

The Studio Business Forum (1 viewing)

Originally moderated by Bill Dooley, former Chief Recording Engineer Atlantic Recording Studios NYC and Record Plant LA, former Director of Recording for Brooklyn/Extasy Recording, The Village and Paramount Recording. RIP, Bill.

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Funkslap Mama

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by Funkslap Mama

dr walkers psychedelic kitchen (1 viewing)

about gear porn, the lust for random noise, dada art, uncontrolled creativity outbreaks and other scourges of humanity.

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by ElmerJFudd

Craig Anderton’s SSS Archives (2 viewing)

Archives of older topics from the Sound, Studio, and Stage forum

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Curve Dominant

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