Just last week, the Carnival Row actor revealed the adorable ways he’s trying to get his daughter to say “Dad” before “Mom.” Orlando admitted that one idea came to mind after he noticed Katy would sing to their daughter when she was still pregnant.

“I’m constantly talking to it, chanting, singing to it,” he told Graham Norton on Feb. 26. “Now I sing anything that has ‘Daddy’ in it. I’m like just because I want her to say ‘Dad’ before she says anything else.”

He shared an example of his made-up tunes, singing, “I’m like, ‘Daddy loves his Daisy Dove.'” 

Of course, Orlando noted that Katy has the upper hand in the music department. “She’s like,'” he added of his fiancée, “‘Yeah, Mom’s gonna be much better at this than you.'”


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