“I hope that later on, down the road, there’s going to be a band that’s taking what we did and flipping that, and freaking that, and putting their own spin on it,” Bruno explained of his and Anderson’s new group, Silk Sonic, “because if they don’t, then what was the point of us doing this?”

Bruno admitted that he questioned himself when the accusations first arose in 2018. “At the time, when it kind of popped off on the internet, I was looking in the mirror, like, what am I not seeing,” he shared. “Do I have this pass that I don’t know about? Where can I get this pass? Because I could use some for me and my friends.”

Charlamagne asked if the cultural appropriation accusations ever upset him, to which he replied, “It comes with the gig. And there’s real merit to what people are saying about Black entertainers not getting their flowers, and I’m championing with that, I’m with that.”

“I understand,” he added, “but it’s just Twitter.”