It’s an iCarly reunion!

Yes, you read that right: Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress will join forces to present at the 2021 Kids’ Choice Awards, airing March 13. This will be the first time the trio has shared a stage since the show ended in 2012.

As fans will recall, the sitcom, which is getting a reboot later this year, told the story of Carly Shay, a teenager who launched her own web series iCarly. But after her program took off, Carly had to learn to juggle her newfound success with everyday challenges.

Cosgrove played the lead role while Trainor and Kress portrayed her older brother Spencer Shay and her technical producer pal Freddie Benson, respectively. The show also featured Jennette McCurdy, who played Carly’s BFF and co-star Sam Puckett. But don’t expect to see her return: She’s officially quit acting.

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