By the end of the episode, Wanda had fully embraced her power (and a new look) as the Scarlet Witch, trapped the attempted magic thief Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) in her nosy neighbor character forever, accepted that she had to learn how to grieve properly and moved herself into an isolated little house in the middle of nowhere. There, she apparently learned to astral project, just in time for her to make total sense as a character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Vision, meanwhile, had a showdown with himself. The rebuilt Vision was supposed to destroy the real Vision, but magic Vision convinced him that neither Vision was the true Vision. Magic Vision then used his magic-given powers to restore the rebuilt Vision’s memories, and then rebuilt Vision flew away while magic Vision went to die alongside Wanda. 

So what happened to the new, Mind Stone-less Vision? We don’t know. He never reappeared, so maybe there’s a weird reunion still in the cards for him and Wanda. Plus, it sounded like Wanda’s kids were yelling to the astral projected Scarlet Witch for help, so maybe her family can come back together after all, someday. 


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