Mandy Patinkin has nabbed his next big role.

The Criminal Minds actor is set to join season five of CBS’ The Good Fight. According to a press release, he will apprise the role of Hal Wackner, who is described as a “layman with no legal training who spontaneously decides to open a court in the back of a copy shop.”

In other words, Mandy is channeling his inner Judge Judy for this drama series. 

How does the team at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart figure into the equation? Well, they all have to find a way to shut down the operation, which has become an overnight sensation. What’s more is his judgements are “are honored by much of the entertained public,” according to the release.

Series co-creators, showrunners and executive producers Robert and Michelle King said of Mandy joining the cast, “We are the biggest fans of Mandy’s stage, screen, and now YouTube work, so we couldn’t be more excited for him to play Wackner.” 


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