Lauren Bushnell Lane is not exactly au naturel. The Bachelor beauty opened up this week about some of the recent changes she’s made to her face through lip fillers and Botox. 

On her Instagram Story, a fan asked how much “work” she’s had done to her face since appearing on The Bachelor in 2016.

Lauren responded on Thursday, March 4, saying, “I’ve done some filler in my lips maybe 4 times and some Botox. I actually tried Botox before the show, when I was 24 and now looking back I’m like ‘why!?'”

However, she revealed it’s been months since she’s had any maintenance. “I haven’t done Botox for about 9 months and lips for, gosh maybe like 2 years? I’ll always be transparent about anything that’s not ‘natural,'” the 31 year old shared. 

On a separate post, the pregnant reality star acknowledged that her face does look different now than it did when the ABC show aired, in part because her lip fillers created a very noticeable change. She said lip filler “can definitely change your face a lot,” and admitted, “In fact now that my lips are closer to normal and filler is almost gone, I actually like my lips better more natural.” 


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