Moose Money 🔥!  This joint too crazy!! Big cousin putting on for jersey heavy! My guy Moose starting off 21 off just right. After recently releasing his latest project “Top Opp” which is everywhere right now including my playlist on Spotify, he just dropped his new visuals “Roc A Fella” & you know he killed it. His flow be crazy when he op on tracks. He bodied this joint. It had to hit the blog asap. It’s already in my Spotify playlist going crazy. Definitely a top 5 artist coming out of Jersey. His elevation, grind & work ethic is phenomenal. He put out a lot of sauce last year CONSISTENTLY & haven’t missed yet, honestly. Everything he put out gets better over time. This gonna have the streets jumping this summer.

My guy Moose really going off right now. This video looked it was fun. Moose got Jersey on alert right now! That Pressure right here! He just put his foot on the gas. He get you in your bag with almost every new song that he drop. “Top Opp” project is full of fire. His catalog already crazy & this just added to the sauce. Make sure you’re tuned in with him on social media (@BigMoose280). As I said before, it’s only getting better as he go. He need more credit. He caught a body with this one. Check Out That Sauce!

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