Sauce Alert! Big Trapper out here with that sauce. He’s been releasing some quality joints over the past few months! He dropped his latest single “GPA” which is on all platforms right now. Big Trapper is a rising Hip-hop artist from Oklahoma City, OK. His smooth delivery and witty punchlines give his music an upbeat vibe & motivational feeling to beat the odds. Ain’t nothing like that motivational talk. At an early age, Big Trapper had a deep love & passion for music, from writing covers to songs to playing instruments. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by his environment but musically influenced by Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, & 36 Mafia. After linking with childhood friend & producer TURNMEUPGQ, He transitioned from a fanatic listener to an artist in early 2017 and has blazed a trail for his music career ever since. He make you a fan as soon as you listen to him. Anxious to see what’s in store for him in 2021. As long as he keep coming with that sauce consistently, we gonna talk about it! That sauce right here! Tune In!

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