Heavy on it! New Sauce Alert, The homie Fatboy Fetti just dropped some heat. This is only the beginning. Fatboy Fetti is from Brooklyn, NY & he only been serious with music for a year. Hearing his unreleased music & what’s to come got me excited as he drop. Him & I-I Fetti linked up & recently released their new visuals “Get To Clappin” & they both went crazy. I-I Fetti is one of the most consistent Rising artists coming out of New York right now. This joint right here speaks for itself. They got straight groovy on this! Not even gonna lie, Fatboy Fetti lowkey snapped on this for this to be his first joint out!  I-I Fetti was talking his talk. I been a fan of the homie I-I Fetti ever since “Slide”.

Fatboy Fetti dropped his new project “Forever Solid” as well recently. It’s so much more heat to come from him. 2021 gonna be a good year for him. Some of the most underrated artists in New York doing their thing. You gonna run this back a few times. The guys need all their credit for this banger! The homie Fatboy Fetti is only getting started. They was talking hot but keeping it sauced🗣! One of my favorite new guys out right now. The whole “FettiWay” camp got their own sauce. Waiting for it to catch fire as it should. Fatboy Fetti did not disappoint. Banger alert right here. Fetty Way! Straight Pressure Right Here!